Thursday, July 5, 2018

It Still Worked Out

Little did we know July 5 is Saints Cyril and Methodius; and July 6 is Jan Hus Day - Czech National Holidays. Went to get a taxi, but could not find any, had to go back to the hotel to get one called for us. [Note to self - check national holidays]

We started at the Mendel Museum, which thankfully was open.

Gregor Mendel did experiments that formed our basic understanding of modern genetics, long before anyone could spell D-N-A.

Beer karma strikes again - right next to the museum was a Starobrno (Heineken-owned) brewery and restaurant. 

The food was some good snackfood, with the following beers:

Starobrno  |  Starobrno Drak Dragon   |  Lager, Pilsner, Tmavy  |  5.3  |  8.0
Starobrno  |  Starobrno Nefiltrovany Ležák  |  Lager, Pilsner, Czech  |  5  |  7.6
Starobrno Heineken  |  Krušovice Pšeničné  |  Ale, Wheat, Hefeweizen  |  4.3  |  7.0
Starobrno Heineken  |  Hostan Naše Pivko   |  Lager, Pilsner, Czech  |  4  |  7.4

Lots of shops were closed - including chocolate shops. 

So off to another beer bar - the Zelena Kocka Pivarium - (right next to the wine bar we went to yesterday) 

Jungberg    |   Licipa    |   Ale, IPA, American   |   5.8   |   7.0
Matuška   |   Apollo Galaxy 13   |   Ale, Pale, American   |   5.8   |   7.8

Then heading back for dinner in the Pegas brewery hotel.

Again another great meal. And some good beers.

Pegas   |  Pšeničné pivo   |  Ale, Pale, Wheat, American  |  4.5%  |  7.2
Pegas   |  Mild   |  Lager, Pilsner, Czech  |  4%  |  6.5

We are finding that this part of Europe is less expensive than the other parts we’ve been to before. It seems that Brno was spared mass destruction during WW2 because there are many older buildings still here with older architectural features.

After dinner headed out to Ochutnàvkovápivnice in Brno. 

Tried the following. And note, Czech brewers are experimenting with American style IPAs, so there’s a lot happening in the beer scene. They had some nice tap and bottle selections.

Wild Creatures  |  Fly with me wild cherries   |  Ale, Belgian Kriek Lambic style  |  6.3  |  7.5
Zhûràk  |  OP 5th Anniversary IPA  |  Ale, IPA, American  |  6.8  |  8.5
Bad Flash & De Molen  |  Grumpy and Smiley  |  Ale, Porter, Baltic, Imperial   |  9.5  |  8.4

Also got some goodies to take home.

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