Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Czech please!

This was a travel day from Rzeszów Poland to Brno, Czech Republic. We started out by getting off at the wrong train station in Krakow and had to take a taxi back to the other one.

Fortunately, we had plenty of time to do that.

On this leg of our journey we sat with a gentleman, Peter, from New Zealand. He is taking two years to travel around the world.

On the train had a nice bottle of

Velké Popovice  |  Kozel Černy  |  Lager, Dark  |  3.8  |  7.8

At the station in Bohumin finally ate something, and had a real Budweiser.

Budvar Budweiser   |  Budvar 10 classic  |  Lager, Pilsner, Czech  |  4.0?  |  9.0

We didn’t have Czech money yet and our bankcard card didn’t work at the station’s food stop. So the young lady working the cafe for a HUGE tip because she didn’t have any change for the 50 Euros and we needed to get to the platform.

Our taxi driver spoke English well, which was a nice surprise. He had worked in Manitoba Canada for decades. We arrived at another brewery hotel Pegas Bruno.

The food was awesome! 

As were the beers.
Pegas   |  Ležák svētly  |  Lager, Pale  |  ?  |  10.0
Pegas   |  Pegas Oatmeal Stout 13°  |  Ale, Stout, Oatmeal  |  5  |  7.5
Pegas   |  Pegas Gold 16°  |  Lager, German Dark, Dunkel  |  ?  |  7.5  [#9,916]

Waiter, bring me the “czech” - you’ve never heard that one, right?
No sir, I am laughing quite hard inside.

We went out in the town near the hotel and stopped, stopped and had some wine.

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