Sunday, July 29, 2012


Using iBuild Apps as the tool to build a basic "social media" App. Seems to work fairly straight-forward and has only a few idiosyncrasies.

Best of all - if you accept ads and have an Apple developer account - the Apps are free!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CA Brewpubs July 16, 2012

Once the day was over - before my 10:30 PM "redeye" flight, we were able to hit

  • The Beer Company - San Diego CA - a new brewpub in the heart of the Gaslight District with some very good beers and an impressive looking copper tap. [avg of 9 beers sampled = 8.3 on 1-10 scale]

  • Monkey Paw Pub & Brewery - San Diego CA - also a new brewpub in the fringe area of the Gaslight District with very good beers. Had some nice guest ales such as a Flanders Red Monk's in Philly. Shared a Big Sky Brewing with some of the local guys. Good appetizers, altho the monkey sauce is hot. [avg of 6 beers sampled = 7.3 on 1-10 scale] Note the Pineapple X-press dragged the overall scores down a bit.

CA Breweries July 15, 2013

After finding some of the XB-70 wreckage with George S, headed to San Diego via San Marcos

  • Lost Abbey / Port Brewing - San Marcos, CA. These two breweries share a common address, and brew distinctive styles. Had beer #3,100 with George, a Serpent's Stout. [avg score of three Lost Abbey beers = 9.2; four Port Brewing beers = 8.9 on 1-10 scale]

  • Green Flash - San Diego CA - Go there just as they were closing so only had a few [avg score of 5 beers = 7.7 on 1-10 scale]

Now here's some general questions

  1. Why cannot tasting rooms serve food, in CA anyway?
  2. Why do some brewery tasting rooms close early on Sunday (missed Rough Draft)
  3. Why do some tasting rooms eschew Sunday openings? (missed Wet n Reckless, AleSmith) 
  4. Why didn't Karl Strauss indicate they were booked for a party on their website?

CA Breweries, Brewpubs and Bars July 14, 2013

Went down south through the San Jaoquin valley, stopped to visit a friend of mine - Al S. - and tried

  • Lengthwise Brewing (two site, one is the brewery) - Bakersfield CA [avg score 2 beers = 8.0 on a 10-point scale]

  • Also tried Sandrini's restaurant in Bakersfeld. This gem has some fantastic food (try the signature sausage bread appetizer). They have a very extensive beer list (range and quality, not quantity) for a restaurant. The prices are fair, and if you drink enough of different beers, you get on the Sandrini's World Beer Conquerors list! Had a Kern River Just Outstanding IPA and it was - well - outstanding.

CA Breweries July 13, 2013

Journeyed up to Petaluma (for work!) and started the evening at

  • Russian River Brewing - Santa Rosa, CA. Tried their "Belgian" flight, which is carried in a great holder replete with bottle caps of the beers. Very good food, very packed. [avg score of 10 beers sampled = 8.6 on a 1-10 scale]

  • Lagunitas Brewing - Petaluma CA - had some nice beers on tap, including a good barley wine and a Gueuze. [ave score of 12 beers = 8.4 on a 1-10 scale]

  • Dempsey's Brewpub - Petaluma CA - much more of a restaurant, dinner was elegant. [ave score of 4 beers = 7.6 on a 1-10 scale]

Thursday, July 12, 2012

CA Breweries July 12, 2012

Only one place today, it was a long day and I have some stuff to do for work.

  • Steelhead Brewing - Burlingame CA - Part of a 3 member brewpub chain, the beers were okay but I had some criticisms. They have a Cream Ale called Broadway Blonde so everyone is saying "I'll have a blonde ale please"  [ave 9 beers = 7.0/10]

CA Breweries July 11, 2012

Had a great day today as the latter part of the day was a drive to Santa Cruz. On the way was able to stop in Boulder Creek as well.

  • Boulder Creek Brewing - Boulder Creek CA - some great beers in a town that seems to be still in the '70s, and their restaurant is not afraid to sell you a rare (*gasp*) hamburger! Spoke to Michael the brewmaster, who was very nice and patient. Note their as-yet-to-be-released Saison (possibly to be called Saison Brett, for brettanomyces bruxellensis) was amazing in that it had no added spices yet it tasted like it had added spices. Kudos, Michael! And yes, the one "not great" IPA dragged your score down a bit. [avg 6 beers = 8.2/10]

  • Santa Cruz Aleworks - Santa Cruz CA - was a bit surprised when I showed up at their (unlocked) tasting room door. Someone else was picking up a keg, hence the door unlocked. Courteously, possibly because of my tears, they let me stay. [avg 4 beers = 8.1/10]

  • Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery - Santa Cruz CA - Took a cab here and walked to the other one below. I've had a lot of their beers, and the tasting room has been redone with a copper "tree" that holds personalized mugs. As a way to raise capital, each mug was $500, and the owner drinks free for a year. The Twisted Sister in bottles was a standout, that I shared with several folks. [avg 3 beers = 8.3/10]

  • Seabright Brewery - Santa Cruz CA - Seabright never disappoints. The last time I walked there, the brewmaster had me taste an unfinished Scotch Ale fresh from the tank. [avg 7 beers = 7.8/10]
And note, I usually walk, order small "flights" and do not drink all the beer!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

CA Breweries July 10, 2012

So far this week we have visited the following breweries:

  • Firehouse Brewing - Sunnyvale CA - good basic brewpub, beers are good but not remarkable [avg 5 beers = 7.1/10]

  • Los Gatos Brewing - San Jose CA - has some very good ales as well as cask-conditioned  [avg 5 beers = 7.8/10]

  • Rabbits Foot Meadery - Sunnyvale CA - 20% honey used in their beers, great Kolsch and the Diabhl strong Belgian was a standout [avg 4 beers = 8.0/10]