Thursday, July 18, 2019

Ireland Adventures 2019

Wherein the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the Isle of Man are visited. 
And much beer consumed.

Took a direct flight (Tuesday, July 2, 2019) from Hartford to Dublin on Aer Lingus.
The major highway has lanes that are narrower than we are used to and sitting on the other side of the car - just a tiny bit disconcerting.

Day 1 (Wednesday, July 3, 2019) - Lough Tay, Waterford
Left Dublin and headed straight for Lough Tay along very narrow roads up in the hills. In the early morning light it was a spectacular scene. Very quiet with no one else around. 

Went to Waterford and were able to check in early at the Fitzwilton and clean up and lay down.

Went to Waterford Crystal. On the way we passed old city walls and a replica of a Viking ship..

At Waterford Crystal we took a factory tour. It was very interesting.

For instance, Waterford Crystal wasn’t made for almost 100 years, and it is now owned by the same company who owns Royal Dalton and Wedgwood. 

It takes at least 8 years to learn one facet of the trade so a person will only do that one process for his/her career.

We were exhausted so we headed back to the hotel after stopping to get the first beer.

The Reg in Waterford; waited until after 3 PM local time for this

Brewery  |  Brand  |        Type       |  %  | Score
Metalman | Calypso | Ale, IPA, English | 5.6 |  7.0
Beer #11,039

Sadly the Metalman taphouse was closed. But managed to quaff a couple of beers in the nicely-appointed bar at the hotel.


Brewery            |       Brand         |       Type        |  %  |  Score
Heineken Ireland   |      Cute Hoor      |Ale, Pale, American| 5.0 |   7.0
Smithwicks Guinness|Smithwick's Irish Red|Ale, Irish, Red    | 4.5 |   6.8

Day 2 (Thursday , July 4, 2019) - Tipperary, Limerick and Ennis

“Advice is received that the Congress resolved upon independence the 4th of July; and, it is said, have declared war against Great Britain in form."
— London Chronicle

We headed off in the morning and our first stop was to see Grannagh Castle ruins. 

Then to Tipperary, where we ate at nice little pub. 

O’Neill’s Pub Tipperary

Brewery  | Brand |              Type                | % |  Score
Fosters  | Lager |  Lager, German Pale, Dortmunder  |4.6|  6.0

Next on to Kilduff Castle, another ruins. 

It was a small castle and apparently people rented rooms at the castle back in the day.

It was onto Limerick where we stopped at St. John’s cathedral, which has the tallest spire in Ireland. The inside of the church was beautiful with lots of stained glass.

We headed over towards King’s Island to see St. Mary’s Cathedral which is located nearby. We walked on the grounds a little and took pictures, of course. 

In Ennis we had a hotel right next to the Friary - Queens Hotel. It was at least partially ruins. 

After walking around a bit settled on a drink at Brogans in Ennis, then stayed for dinner. Chatted with some local folks as well as some folks form the states.

Brewery             |    Brand      |       Type       |  %  |Score
Independent Brewing |  Brogans Micky|Ale, Pale, Session| 4.2 | 7.2
Franciscan Well     |  Chieftain    | Ale, Pale, Irish | 5.5 | 7.7
Hop House / Heineken|   13 Lager    |  Lager, Light    |     | 7.3

But little did we know what we were in for... Night club in our hotel. You have sign a waiver that you know there’s a night club here. Little did we know that the night club was in a covered patio right below our window. There was no AC and the only way to cool down the room was to open the window, which didn’t stay open on its own. The Techno dance music started and was VERY LOUD! Even after closing the window and drapes. The info in the room said that it was open until 1:00 but no the music went until 1:35 and the people dissipating took until 2:00 am at least and they weren’t quite. Needless to say we were a little cranky in the morning and we told the staff in the morning what was wrong. The only good thing about the room was some spectacular sunset pictures with the friary in the foreground.

Day 3 (Friday, July 5, 2019) - Moher, Lisdoonvarna, Galway
As we left Ennis we stopped to take pictures of the water wheel. 

Our sights were set for Dough Castle and the Cliffs of Moher. We did run into a lot of traffic because of the Irish Open being played in the vicinity of those two attractions. 

The Cliff is Moher were accessible and busy. Unfortunately, it was pretty foggy but we did get some pictures.

The height of the cliffs is quite impressive and the wildlife it contains is more than one realized. 

We continued on our way to the Roadside Tavern and Burren Brewery. It was right on the edge of the road. Got to meet the brewmaster Peter and of course enjoyed the beer. The food was good too. 

Lisdoonvarna (Roadside Tavern & Burren Brewery)

Brewery|       Brand      |        Type           |%|Score
Burren | Hopless Pale Ale |    Ale, Ancient       | | 9.0
Burren |    Gold Lager    |      Lager, Golden    | | 7.5
Burren |      Red Ale     |        Ale, Red       | | 7.8
Burren |   Burren Black   |Ale, Stout, Dry (Irish)| | 7.8

Next was a stop for Hazel Mountain Chocolate - a factory that processes from bean to bar. We couldn’t actually go into the factory but we could taste chocolate made from beans from different parts of the world.  

We had a snack there and the most delicious chocolate tea.

Our final destination for the day was Galway. Loved the feel of the town, it just felt inviting. 

We got there and checked into the hotel just in time to make it to our AirBNB experience at Micil Distillery. We learned a lot of history about the making of spirits in Ireland which had been poutin for a long time, which isn’t traditionally made with potatoes as many think, but with grains. 

We tried two types of poutin and one was made into a mule with lime and ginger beer. We also sampled a gin that they distill. We bought some to take home.

We went from the distillery to the Oslo Bar (the home for Galway BayBrewing) for dinner (the distillery is house in the building the bar is in.) 

The food was great and I enjoyed the beer and chatted up the manager Alan, traded beers, and he gave us some suggestions for sightseeing when in Dublin.

Oslo brewery and Micil distillery

Brewery    |            Brand         |        Type        |  %  | Score
Galway Bay |      Double Super Fizz   | Ale, IPA, Double   | 9.0 | 8.5
Whiplash   |   Body Riddle Pale Ale   | Ale, Pale, American| 4.5 | 8.0
Galway Bay | Full Sail dry hopped IPA |     Ale, IPA       | 5.8 | 8.2

Also suggested Ashford Castle where I almost died.

Day 4 (Saturday , July 6, 2019) - Cong, Sligo, Donegal
We left Galway and went to Cong (as was suggested to us the night before) to see Ashford Castle, which is a hotel (€600+/night complete with a helipad for guests to use for arrival.) if you are not a guest of the hotel you can only view some of the grounds. 

Unfortunately it was raining when we got there so we only looked at 2 of the gardens. The walkways and steps were slippery and I slipped on the steps going into the sunken garden: going very carefully and still went down. Luckily I only broke my coccyx which still hurts more than two months later.

We proceeded to Sligo to see the Famine Memorial.

We happened to be going by the church where WB Yeats is buried, so we stopped. It is a beautiful small church in Drumcliff at the base of Benbulben Mountains.

We arrived at Donegal and set off to explore the town. There was a town central area that had a shamrock design.

Reel Inn Donegal 

Brewery           |        Brand        |          Type       |%|Score
Rockshore Guinness|Rockshore Irish Lager|Lager, American Light| | 5.5

Scotsman’s Bar Donegal Irish Republic

Brewery  |     Brand   |        Type       | % |Score
Kinnegar | Scraggy Bay | Ale, IPA, English |5.3| 7.8
Kinnegar |  Rustbucket |   Ale, IPA, Rye   |   | 9.5

Olde Castle Donegal

Brewery      |          Brand       |          Type    | % | Score
Galway Hooker|Red Hugh Brew Pale Ale|Ale, Pale, English|4.4| 7.0
Donegal      |    Donegal Stout     | Ale, Stout, Irish|5.1| 7.6

Abby Hotel Bar, Donegal Ireland

Brewery   |      Brand       |       Type     | % |Score
Carlsburg | Unfiltered Lager | Lager, Pilsner |4.2| 5.8

Day 5 (Sunday , July 7, 2019)
Drove to Londonderry, and had time for some great walking tours. We stopped at Dopey Dicks brewing for lunch. 

Even got a bottle opener souvenir!

Brewery    |      Brand    |        Type       | % |Score
Dopey Dick |  Session IPA  | Ale, IPA, Session |4.5| 9.0
Dopey Dick |    Red Ale    |     Ale, Red      |5.2| 7.8

Then across the Peace Bridge. We stopped in at Walled City Brewery.

Brewery    |               Brand           |          Type         | % |Score
Walled City|          Kicks Derry Lager    |      Lager, European  |4.1| 6.8
Walled City|      Boom Derry Pale Ale      |         Ale, Pale     |4.1| 7.5
Walled City|   Punt Purse Magnum Red Ale   |        Ale, Red       |5.1| 7.8
Walled City|             Passionista       |      Lager, Fruit     |4.1| 9.0
Walled City| Ruffalo Raspberry Ruffle Stout|   Ale, Stout, Fruit   |5.2| 8.5
Walled City|Derry Milk chocolate milk stout|Ale, Stout, Milk, Sweet|4.2|10.1*
Walled City|                Beerexit       |    Ale, Sour, Fruit   |2.5| 7.7
Boghopper  |  Hairy Bollocks / Pure Bull   |  Ale, Pale, American  |5  | 7.5

*Yes, folks, the Derry Milk chocolate milk stout was that good.

After a few beers across the river to see the Peace Flame.

Note its Derry* or Londonderry*
*depending which religion you want to punch you in the face

Went to dinner at a real posh place the Shipquay restaurant 

Brewery     |       Brand     |     Type     | % |Score
Brú brewery |     Pale Ale    |   Ale, Pale  |4.5| 7.8
Northbound  | 08 Kölsch style | Kölsch Style |   | 7.5

I ventured out alone to the Blackbird which was supposed to have some good beer. They did

Blackbird Derry UK
Brewery     |         Brand          |          Type             | % |Score
Third Barrel| Double Dry Hopped DIPA |       Ale, IPA, Double    |7.5| 7.8
Boundary    |    Berliner Vice 02    |Ale, Wheat, Berliner Weisse|5.1| 7.5

Then really surprised me with proof that a bar mostly stocking the most shithole frozen Eurotrash lager can truly redeem themselves in the eyes of the lord their god. And me.
Brewery                            |   Brand   |      Type           | % |Score
Saint-Rémy, Abbaye of Notre Dame de|Rochefort 8|Ale, Belgian Trappist|9.2| 9.3
From 2018 (“best by” year minus 5)

Day 6 (Monday , July 8, 2019) – on to Belfast
First stopped at the Giants Causeway, which is very impressive. 

Then a bit down the road to see the Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge. We didn’t actually go on it; seeing it from a distance was fine!

The Marriott Belfast was in the Docklands are that was redone with the hotel and office space.

Wallked to the Custom House Square; on the way passed the - Big Fish, salmon of knowledge on the way to the Albert Memorial Clock

Walked to the American Bar 65 Dock St, Belfast, great bar
Brewery          |        Brand      |        Type         | % |Score
Boundary Brewing |      Wits Out     |      Ale, Wheat     |4.0| 9.5
Boundary Brewing | American Pale Ale | Ale, Pale, American |3.5| 8.5
Beer Hut & Lacada|       2 Player    |  Ale, IPA, Double   |8.1| 8.5

Dinner back at the Marriott
Marriott Belfast, Donegall Quay, Belfast
Brewery    |     Brand   |           Type          | % |Score
Whitewater | Copperhead  |        Ale, Pale        |3.7| 7.4
Whitewater |Belfast Black| Ale, Stout, Dry (Irish) |3.7| 7.5

Day 7 (Tuesday , July 9, 2019) - Belfast
We started with the Hop on Hop Off Bus, taking it most of the way on its route.

There was a very knowledgeable tour guide on the bus, which we liked better than the recorded guide in Budapest. The peace walls, murals on the sides of building, and the bonfires that are being set up for Battle of the Boyne celebration were fascinating.

We got off the bus and started exploring on foot.

Sunflower Public House, 65 Union St, Belfast
Brewery     |      Brand   |             Type          | % |Score
Farmageddon |     Porter   | Ale, Porter, India Export |5.2|10.0
Boundary    | Export Stout | Ale, Stout, Foreign/Export|7.0| 9.5
Kinnegar    |  Walla Walla |      Ale, Sour, Fruit     |5.0| 9.0

Errigle Inn 312-320, Ormeau Road
Brewery     |      Brand    |             Type           | % |Score
Bullhouse   |  El Capitan   | Ale, Stout, Foreign/Export |7.5| 9.8
Farmageddon | Gold Pale Ale |           Ale, Pale        |4.2| 7.5

Back to the Sunflower Public House
Brewery  |                 Brand          |          Type         | % |Score
Kinnegar |               Big Bunny        |  Ale, IPA, American   |6.0| 7.5
Beer Hut |Ahoy Captain Irish Sea Salt IPA |Ale, IPA, International|7.4|10.0
Lacada   |  Galaxy & Simcoe knot series 2 |  Ale, Pale, American  |5.1| 9.0

Day 8 (Wednesday, July 10, 2019) - Belfast
Another day in Belfast. Our adventures today included using the Hop On Hop Off bus to get to our destination, however, the bus map didn’t have right stop listed for the Ulster Museum so we had to get a taxi back to it.

Saw an amazing mural that showed the entire Game of Thrones series as a tapestry.

Had lunch at McHughs Belfast 

Brewery   |               Brand           |           Type             |  % |Score
Whitewater|         Clotworthy Dobbin     |     Ale, Porter, Ruby      | 5.0| 7.5
Whitewater|Kreme de la Kremlin barrel aged|Ale, Stout, Russian Imperial|10.5| 9.8
Whitewater|      Kreme de la Kremlin      |Ale, Stout, Russian Imperial|10.5| 9.0

Also dinner again at the hotel, Marriott Belfast, Donegall Quay, Belfast Harbour
Brewery    |         Brand       |             Type            | % |Score
Whitewater |    Maggie’s Leap    |      Ale, IPA, Session      |4.7| 6.8
Hilltown   | Pamoja Number 2 two | Ale, IPA, Black (Cascadian) |5.6| 7.5

Fire false alarm at hotel. Two interesting things compared to USA:
1) fire department didn’t show (assume they were called by hotel?)
2) hotel employees gave “all clear” as opposed to FD

Day 9 (7/11/19 Thursday) - Belfast to Dublin
After a heaerty breakfast, left for Dublin.

On the way down we tried to find the Battle of the Boyne visitor centre, but somehow got back on the highway, where the toll transponder only worked on 1 highway in Dublin!

We made it to the Morgan Hotel, right on Fleet Street in Dublin; luckily later AM the street isn't packed! I went to drop off the rental car, and found it was a short walk to several of the bars owned by Galway Brewing. What was interesting was the vibe for each was very different.
Gasworks Dublin
Brewery     |          Brand       |           Type              | % |Score
Galway Bay  | West coast speedball |       Ale, Stout, Coffee    |6.6| 7.7
9 white deer| Stag Ban gluten free | Ale, Pale, American variant*|4.5|10.0
Galway Bay  |     Buried at Sea    |      Ale, Stout, Milk       |   | 8.1
Galway Bay  |    Of foam and fury  |      Ale, IPA, Double       |9.0| 8.5
*one of the best GF beers I’ve had

Alfie Byrnes Dublin
Brewery   |          Brand                 |           Type             | % |Score
Dupont    |            Moinette Brune      | Ale, Belgian Strong, Dark  |8.5| 7.5
Lindemans |Cuvée René Oude Geuze Lambic Ale|  Ale, Belgian Gueuze blend |5.5| 9.5
Lindeman's|    Pêche Lambic Pecheresse     |Ale, Belgian Lambic (blend) |2.5| 7.5

Against the Grain Pub
Brewery |           Brand              |         Type       | % | Scores
DOT     | Barrel aged Rum Red Dark ale | Ale, Red, Imperial |8.9| 8.6

Walking back saw a canal and other sights in the city.

Had a fantastic Italian dinner at a place called La Gondola.

Day 10 (7/12/19 Friday) – Dublin
As Cindy was sick I ventured out to see some of the city while she slept. 

Got to see the Christchurch Cathedral and other buildings in the area. Also found out whart happened to Tom and Jerry... 

Near noon went to the Beer Market Dublin which opened late at 12:00:40

Brewery   |                 Brand            |            Type           |  % |Score
Wild      |B’Wildered w/ cherries & chocolate|Ale, Stout, Imperial, Fruit| 7.5| 8.5
Galway Bay|                   Helles         |        Lager, Helles      | 5.0| 7.5
Brabandere|Wild Quadrupel Brewmaster Select  |  Ale, Belgian Quadrupel   |10.5| 9.0

Had a great beer thing in Howth with a beer and seafood event tour. From the Tara Street Station DART train station to Howth. 

It was a fantastic time and the host Mark gave a great tour with beer and a nanobrewery and seafood and more beer and a great time. One of the best beer tours ever, replete with local history and jokes and politics and fantastic seafood. 

Oh and the beer was pretty good too. Unfortunately Cindy wasn’t feeling good yesterday, so she stayed at the hotel. Recommend AirBnB tour “Craft Beer and SeafoodTrail” in Howth, Irish Republic. 

Bloody Stream Howath
Brewery  |      Brand     |          Type        | % |Score
Hope     |  Handsome Jack |  Ale, IPA, American  |6.6| 7.5
Hope     |  Underdog      |       Lager, Pale    |4.8| 7.0
Hope     |  Passifyoucan  |  Ale, Pale, American |4.8| 7.0

Even included a nanobrewery “Harbor Bar” on the tour.
Brewery     |     Brand    |      Type     | % | Score
Harbor Bar  |  Just Crafty |  Lager, Euro  |5.0| 7.0
Wicklon Wolf|  Elevation   |  Ale, Pale    |   | 7.5

Pat house Howath  
Brewery    |  Brand  |     Type      | % |Score
Hope       |  Grunt  |  Ale, Saison  |4.8| 7.8
Five Lamps |  Lager  |  Lager, Euro  |4.2| 7.0

Nice friendly seal in Howath, €2,000 fine if you feed the blighter
If I had any food I would have said: “Woops clumsy me I dropped this pail of smelts”

Day 11 (7/13/19 Saturday) – Dublin

Walked and rode the bus a bit and lunch at Porterhouse Brewing Dublin 

Brewery     |      Brand     |     Type    | % | Score
Porterhouse |  Plain Porter  | Ale, Porter |4.3| 7.5

At Guinness Open Gate R&D brewery
GOG: “may we take a customer satisfaction survey, are you knowledgeable about craft beer?”
Me: “We’ll, this is beer #11,111”

At Guinness Open Gate R&D brewery
GOG: “thank you for allowing me to do a customer satisfaction survey, here’s a bottle opener”
Me: “here’s one of mine!

Guinness St. James Gate R&D brewery
Brewery                |       Brand      |            Type           | % |Score
Guinness St. James Gate|Here we Gose again|            Gose           |5.0| 7.8
Guinness St. James Gate|  Savage Pale Ale |          Ale, Pale        |5.5| 7.5
Guinness St. James Gate|  Maritime Stout  |    Ale, Stout, Oyster     |5.5| 8.0
Guinness St. James Gate| Jerk Spice Brown |         Ale, Brown        |5.0| 9.4
Guinness St. James Gate|    Azacca IPA    |    Ale, IPA, American     |6.8| 8.0
Guinness St. James Gate|   Dark Side IPA  |Ale, IPA, Black (Cascadian)|6.1| 7.8
Guinness St. James Gate|  Sorachi Red Ale |            Ale, Red       |5.0| 7.0
Guinness St. James Gate|  Honey and Fig   |           Ale, Honey      |4.5| 8.3

Got the bus back to the hotel and then went to get some more stamps.

Brew Dock Dublin (5 of 7 stamps completed for a free Galway Brewing T!)

Brewery       |                 Brand                |      Type       | % |Score
Galway        |Weights and Measures Citra session IPA|Ale, IPA, Session|   | 7.7
Northern Monks|   Patrons Project 15.01 sour ipa     |  Ale, IPA, Sour |6.4| 8.4


Urban Brewing brewpub in Dublin
Brewery       |        Brand         |            Type            | % |Score
Urban Brewing |  Grapefruit Pilsner  |        Lager, Fruit        |4.3| 7.0
Westvleteren  |        8 eight       |Ale, Belgian Trappist Dubbel|8.0| 9.8
Yes the “Westy” was 30 Euros

The Old Storehouse Temple Bar Dublin.
You pump enough alcohol into them and even white people have rhythm.

Storehouse Dublin 
Brewery  |    Brand  |    Type   | % | Score
5 Lamps  |  Red Ale  | Ale, Red  |   | 7.0

Okay so here’s the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen in over 30 years of travel.
I’m in Tesco’s market near the hotel in Dublin, getting water; in the checkout line. There’s 3 really good looking loud partially-drunk women (25?) in slinky dresses at the ATM complaining about something. I look. I look again; then turn away. OMFG.
The (German) woman in front of me in the line look back, then stares, then a look of horror appears in her eyes. She elbows her husband who looks, and his eyes get as big as saucers and he says under his breath “mean Gott!”
I whisper “you see what i see, right?” He says “Ja, but I would never expect this; is it always like this?”
I replied ”I don’t know but I hope not!” (simulates images below)

Day 12 (7/14/19 Sunday) - Dublin

Went touring and stopped at Black Sheep Dublin 

Brewery    |  Brand    |        Type        | % | Score
Galway Bay |  Bay Ale  |  Ale, Red, Irish   |9.0| 8.5

Yes - free T-shirt for visiting 7 Galway Bay bars in Dublin. Paddle & Peel; last of 7 bars in Dublin owned by Galway Bay for free T shirt. So only 80 Euros for a 12 Euro T shirt. Brilliant marketing!
Brewery    |          Brand          |              Type           | % |Score
Galway Bay |  Mittlefrüh table beer  |           Ale, Table        |3.5| 8.0
Galway Bay |     Crystal Clear IPA   |       Ale, IPA, American    |6.4| 7.0
Timmermans |   Strawberry Lambicus   |Ale, Belgian Lambic (blended)|4.0| 8.0

Okay sounds like a tourist trap but a great bit of info and history and folklore as well as whimsey... the Dublin Leprechaun museum!

The Quays Dublin
Brewery            |           Brand        |     Type    | % |  Score
Smithwicks Guinness|  Smithwick's Pale Ale  |  Ale, Pale  |4.1|  5.5

Boom hotel Dublin Ireland
Brewery                |        Brand     |     Type    | % |Score
Carlow Brewing / O’Hara|  Irish Pale Ale  |  Ale, Pale  |4.3| 6.2

10 Fleet Street Restaurant and Bar for dinner at the hotel.

Day 13 (7/15/19 Monday) Dublin to IOM
Flew to the Isle of Man airport (“Purt Aer Vannin” in Manx), with a pickup by our driver Mike - thence to the Ascot Hotel. We took the Manx Electric Railway to the Snaefell Mt Railway stop.

Got a local shuttle to the Old Laxey Brewing Company Brew Pub, which was quite good; most remote brewery you’ve seen in a while.

Sadly no shirts in XXL!

Shore Hotel / Old Laxey Brewing
Brewery                |       Brand    |           Type        | % |Score
Shore Hotel / Old Laxey|  Bosun Bitter  | Ale, Bitter, Ordinary |   | 7.7

The shuttle apparently stopped running about 3 PM, and it was a long steep walk from the brewery to the train station; went back to call a taxi and one of the local folks offered to drive us!

Island is also the birthplace of Maurice, Robin and Barry Gibb, of the Bee Gees.

Had to be on a conference call at local dinnertime, fortunately the Ascot Hotel hotel fixed up a meal to go! 

Day 14 (7/16/19 Tuesday) - IOM

We saw areas we would never have seen without a knowledgeable guide, and he has passes to places like museums, castles, etc.

Eating a Bonnag at Niarbyl Bay Café CR Michael
Brewery            |    Brand   |         Type        | % |Score
Bushy's Isle of Man|  Manx Ale  |  Ale, IPA, English  |4.0| 8.0

Watching Cricket at the Hooded Ram taphouse and neither of us have a fscking idea what is going on; altho truth be told I was 2 pints in...


Hooded Ram taphouse right across from brewery
Brewery    |         Brand           |        Type        | % |Score
Hooded Ram |        Mosaic           | Ale, IPA, American |5.0| 7.7
Hooded Ram | Ram’s Head Bitter       |     Ale, Bitter    |3.7| 8.0
Hooded Ram | Ram’s Head Best Bitter  |  Ale, Bitter, ESB  |   | 9.3
Hooded Ram |     Jack the Ram        |     Ale, Stout     |4.7| 9.0

Still watching Cricket - I thought that was a foul ball until the umpire beheaded the player

Had dinner at the Seven Kingdom distillery - try the seafood pie!

Brewery   |         Brand    |        Type         | % |  Score
Brew Dog  |  Dead Pony Club  |  Ale, IPA, Session  |3.8|  7.5

Bartender: “Would you like some ice in the glass with that beer”
Me: “I’m gonna have to kill you now”

7/17/19 Wednesday IOM back to Dublin
Nutritional breakfast, something from the:
Fruit group
Egg group
Meat group
Blood group
Kipper group

Isle of Man airport
Brewery  |          Brand       |      Type     | % |Score
Carling  |  Carling Pale Lager  |  Lager, Pale  |3.7| 5.0

Also back to the Morgan Hotel

I'll pit a Dublin cab driver against a Somali cab driver any day

Finally saw the Book of the Kells. A lot of the books are not on display, but an interesting display nonetheless.

Lunch at the Gallagher’s Boxty House in Dublin (Brewery Pub)
Brewery                 |   Brand   |         Type          | % |Score
Jack Smyth Stouts & Ales|  Pale Ale |      Ale, Pale        |   | 7.5
Jack Smyth Stouts & Ales|  Red Ale  |    Ale, Red, Irish    |   | 7.8
Jack Smyth Stouts & Ales|    Stout  |Ale, Stout, Dry (Irish)|   | 7.9

The Gunness brewery tour was a last-minute addition, which I had to do by myself. IT is spectacular, and even if you don’t like Guinness (or beer for that matter) its still a must-see. I learned to pour the “perfect pint” of Guinness.

Also they had a great marketing idea: get a pint poured with your face on it. Gave the lad a Beeriffic bottle opener; 10 minutes later one of their Marketing Managers came over and we chatted about beer; he asked if he could have one also!

St. James brewery
Brewery   |  Brand   |          Type             | % |Score
Guinness  |  Stout   |  Ale, Stout, Dry (Irish)  |5.5| 9.0

Took a horse drawn carriage ride back to the hotel area “After being chosen emperor of the Irish Republic, he magnanimously surveyed his subjects”

Bruxelles – a Belgian beer bar with only 1 beer from Belgium
Brewery |       Brand    |        Type         | % |Score
Chimay  |  Chimay Blue   | Ale, Belgian Tripel |9.0| 9.0

Dinner was at the Bad Ass temple bar Dublin
Brewery   |         Brand       |         Type         | % |Score
Guinness  |  Smithwick’s Blonde | Ale, Blonde, English |4.1| 6.0
Beer 11,143

7/18/19 Thursday Dublin Airport 2 PM > Home       
At check in
What’s in the hard suitcase sir, tools?
No - beer and whiskey
Really? All right then.

And at the airport he had the legendary epiphany that the Guinness in the states would forever taste “not as good as in Dublin.” Thank you, Arthur, for your blessing and your curse.

Visited Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Isle of Man
Miles I drove 718; someone else drove 182 (not counting taxi/tour busses)
Air miles 6,320
Miles total = 7,220
Beers = 104
Beers per mile = 0.0144