Tuesday, September 30, 2014

CT on Tap 2014

Had a great time at the CT on Tap beer event, at Ives Concert Park, WCSU Westside Campus, 43 Lake Ave, Danbury.

The event was September 13 at 3 PM, although with a VIP ticket you did get in at 2 PM.

It was really nice because traffic was light and parking was easily available at the VIP area. After the requisite ID check (meaning card anyone even if you look 50) it was time to try the beers. Note that any picture taken that is closer to square than rectangular was shot automatically with a Narrative Clip.

The event had two tents set up in the event of rain, along with ample Port-o-Lets.

There was also bands in the amphitheater, well as some really good food. And to top it off, there was even a cigar shop!

Kudos to having a real high-quality plastic mug. Although not glass (this is not Belgium, after all) it's much better than a plain cheap thin-walled easily crushed plastic shite cup.

There were a lot of breweries and brewpubs represented, some that were quite new to the brewing scene. Also kudos to the people staffing the tables.

Whether it was brewery employees, distributors, or student volunteers, everyone  was so nice. It was not crowded the first hour, so we started as a leisurely paste pace, and tried some of the beers.
Half Full    Pursuit    Ale, IPA, Rye    [7.0]
Half Full     Pumpkin    Ale, Fruit    [7.5]
Foolproof    Augtoberfest    Ale, Oktoberfest    [7.0]

Kept moving around trying more beers. Note there are quite a bit more beers represented; typically we want to just try new ones.
Back East Brewing    Misty Mountain IPA    Ale, IPA, American    [7.0]
Shebeen    Rye Porter    Ale, Porter, Rye    [8.0]
Blue Point    Octoberfest    Ale, Oktoberfest    [6.5]

Ran across a new brewery called Ferrari. When asked about the potential conflict, the owner said it's truly his surname; and it's okay as long as He doesn't use one of their cars in an advertisement.
Ferrari    Red   Ale, Red    [10.0] 
Ferrari    Ferzdawg   Ale, Wheat, American    [6.0]
Ferrari    Pop Pop Porter   Ale, Porter, American    [5.0]    stylistically quite light in color/flavor

About now it got more crowded, as general admission came in at 3 o'clock; so it was a bit harder to get to different tables. And the rain didn't help; in that everyone was crammed under the tents.

Stoney Creek    Amber Lager    Lager, Amber    [6.0]
Hooker    Demure    Ale, Saison, Smoked    [10.0]
Widmer    Alchemy   Ale, Pale, American    [7.0]

It's kind of interesting  to see the different groups of people trying beer. Many  were students from the college, there to try different beers.

There were some who wanted to try different beers compare the flavors take notes etc. There are others that were just like, "What is the percent? 8?! Give me more; give me more!"

Cisco    Sankaty Light   Lager, Light    [7.5]
Duvig    Cream Ale    Ale, Cream     [5.0]
Hudson Valley    Kegan Ales Hurricane Kitty IPA   Ale, IPA, American    [6.5]
Kegan    Mothers Milk    Ale, Stout, Milk    [7.5]

Bull & Barrel had a separate booth there, selling some appetizers as well as having some of their beers on.
Bull & Barrel    Honey Blueberry   Ale, Fruit    [6.0]
Bull & Barrel    Old Bourbon Oak   Ale, Old, Imperial     [8.0]
Bull & Barrel    Belgian Dark Tripel   Ale, Belgian Tripel    [7.5]

There was some good pulled pork as well as other snack items. The finishing touch was relaxing listening to music all the rain fell while smoking a cigar.

Finished with a nice
Beaver Beer Company    Oaked Brown    Ale, IPA, English    [5.5]