Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Beer Fest Boston 2013

At the 2013 summer beer fest, at the Summer Beer Fest, 200 Stuart Street, Boston, MA, had a taste bud explosion of a mostly Saison-themed event. 

One thing that was sad to discover that on Untappd there is no way to add a venue the day after. Was able to quaff the following:

Mystic - Hazy Jane - Ale, Saison
Mystic - Auerbach's - Ale, Rauchbier
(Not as overpoweringly smoky as some; nice)
Mystic - Day of Doom - Ale, Belgian Quadrupel
(it does taste all of 12%, which is not a bad thing)
Beer Works - Aprocot Saison - Ale, Saison
(little aggressive dry finish; real apricots)
Beer Works - Watermelon - Ale, Fruit
(The absolutely best watermelon ale I've had)
Foolproof - Backyahd IPA - Ale, IPA, American
(My spell-check hated the name, but the beer was quite lovable.)
Foolproof - Barstool - Ale, Golden
Foolproof - La Ferme Urbaine - Ale, Farmhouse
(Good Farmhouse, in my limited French thought it was "fermé" which = "closed!")
Allagash - Saison Rye - Ale, Saison
Great, didn't realize it was an Untapped event/venue; probably missed a badge
Watch City Brewing - Uprooted - Ale, Belgian Spiced

Riverwalk - Screen Door Summer - Ale, Wheat, American
Riverwalk - Gnomad - Ale, Farmhouse, American
Riverwalk - Charon - Ale, Farmhouse, Dark
(Quite a rootbeer hit at first, uses star anise.)
Backlash - Declaration - Ale, IPA, Belgian
Backlash - Super Saison - Ale, Saison
(ABV = 7%; hence "super"; >15% ABV it becomes "super-duper"?? Why not!)
Night Shift - Arnie - Ale, Saison
(Aged in Chardonnay barrels)
Night Shift - Honeydew - Ale, Saison
(Best honeydew ale tasted. Ever. Only one, but it's #1 of 1)
Night Shift - Ever Weisse - Ale, Wheat, Berliner Weisse, Fruit
Standout beer with strawberry, kiwi and hibiscus; sort of a fruit weisse
Night Shift - Somer Weisse - Ale, Wheat, Berliner Weisse
Night Shift - Viva habanera - Ale, Rye
Enlightenment - Enlightenment Brut - Ale, Bière de Champagne
Enlightenment - Day Trip - Ale, Golden, Belgian
Enlightenment - Illumination Farmhouse IPA - Ale, Farmhouse
Cody - Original Amber Ale - Ale, Amber, American
Cody - S.O.S. - Ale, Farmhouse
Cody - Honey Gingah Pale Ale - Ale, Fruit
Trillium - Sunshower Super Saison - Ale, Saison
(Another "Super" please use "Super-Duper" on a 12%+ Saison!!! Loved the brewery)
Rising Tide - Calypso - Ale, Pale, American
Rising Tide - Spinnaker - Ale, Wheat, Hefeweizen
Rising Tide - SuSpence - Ale, Saison, Rye
Notch - Notch Saison - Ale, Saison
Notch - Session Pils - Lager, Pilsner, Czech

Idle Hands - D'aison - Ale, Saison, Dark
(Beer #4,200. Nice. Dark. Saison. Thanks to all who participated!)

Although not beer, also tried these absolute standout ciders from Urban Farm Fermentory:
Sour Cidah
(Don't tell me that cider - like beer - will seduce my taste buds now...)
Saison Cidah
(Not a beer, so not in the list of 4,200, but I would drink again and again...)

Ok it WAS Boston, but cidah, gingah, backyahd? - I wanted to run to my cah!

A few days later tried some mini-growlers of beer from Trillium, that we had picked up the day before...
Little Rooster - Ale, Pale, American
Pot and Kettle - Ale, Porter, American

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Pitts (as in Pittsburgh)

One of the great things about Pittsburgh is there is a pretty god beer scene. In this case, first it was to a fave - the Sharp Edge Beer Emporium. Although a small chain, they really have that friendly feel about them. Was able to sample:
Grimbergen- Grimbergen XX Abbey
Brouwerij Van Steenberge - Gulden Draak Dark Triple
Brouwerij Van Steenberge - Gulden Draak Quad 9000
Draai Laag - Draai Laag Aureus 8%
Brouwerij Van Steenberge - Piraat Triple IPA

Then the next day, to Bocktown Beer and Grill for a
Elysian - Torrent Pale Beet Bock
Victory - CBC Mandarina Best Bitter
All Saints - Laurel Highlands Pale Ale
Great Divide - Orabelle
Green Flash Brewing - Double Stout
Lancaster Brewing - Milk Stout
Horny Goat - Watermelon Wheat
Monk's Cafe brewed by Van Steenberge - Flemish Sour Red Ale
Avery Brewing - Ellie's Brown Ale
21st Amendment Brewery - Lower De Boom

Then at the Four Points by Sheraton Pittsburgh AirportEast End Brewing - Fat Gary Nut Brown Ale

Then home for the 4th