Monday, April 24, 2023

Dallas Texas 2023

Again, I’ve been remiss in updating this blog. I was fortunate during Covid that A) I was able to work; B) I was able to travel, C) I was able to drink beer in a lot of places, and of course D) the vaccine didn’t kill me.

My last post in March 2022 (!) listed my current stats at 609 breweries in 48 US states/protectorates, 28 countries, over 13,960 different beers.

Happy to say that after a April 2023 TX trip to Dallas area, Breweries, Brewpubs and Taphouses visited stands at 726. Started at 715 (Celestial) and ended at 726 (Deep Ellum).

So how was Texas? The food was great, people were - for the most part - hospitable, the driving was semi-hell, and the beer was fantastic.

April 24 '23 was decidedly a bit out of an odd day, but started rather innocuously at brewery 715 - Celestial Beerworks

Brewery           Brand                     Type                    %   Score  Beer No
Celestial         Trie Stars                Ale, IPA, Tripel/Triple       7.8    14977
Celestial      Echo chamber astral springs  Ale, Wheat, Berliner Weisse   8.6    14978

From there went to no. 716 Pegasus, which, unfortunately the inner main bar was closed for a private event. Originally I was told I could sit at the outer bar and drink, but the manager - very politely - said unfortunately no. 

She did ask what kind of beer I like and I said your Belgian triple looks nice and she give me a can to take which was very hospitable.

Brewery           Brand                     Type                    %   Score  Beer No
Pegasus           9 volt                    Ale, Belgian Tripel      9    7.8    14979

Now here is where things were a bit crazy and it wasn’t the brewery’s fault. Again, I just guess because of the robot convention in Dallas-Fort Worth area. Peticolas brewery (717) was taken over for an event however, the owner or brewmaster said yes I can buy beers. 
The person in charge of the event well she had a different view. I had to sit outside at the table. So I went outside and then decided I wanted something from the taco truck. Assuming the taco truck was paid for the event, I asked the person standing there if I could just pay for my own taco. He said yes, and I had my wallet out in my hand about to place an order. 

Then the aforementioned kook came out, flailing her arms saying these tacos are paid for. I asked very politely if she saw the wallet in my hand, and asked her to confirm that I already informed the person standing there them I did not intend to try to get a free taco. Well that wasn’t happening.

However, a couple of guys who were at the event came over and apologized and brought some tacos to share. So we sat there and ate tacos and talked about beer and tacos and guns. And the dangers of giving one person too much power.

Brewery           Brand                     Type                    %   Score  Beer No
Peticolas         Worth the weight          Ale, Stout, Imperial    10    8.4    14980
Peticolas         Duke                      Ale, Barleywine, American 12  8.0    14981

Since it was close by stopped at Manhattan project - brewery 718. As I was still hungry, having only had one taco did have some food. 
Also did suggest a name for a beer. They were trying to figure out why I suggested Cherenkov radiation.

Brewery           Brand                     Type                    %   Score  Beer No
Manhattan Project Plutonium 230             Ale, Porter, Fruit      6.2   8.0    14982
Manhattan project Hoppeheimer               Ale, IPA, West Coast    7.4   7.8    14983

On April 25 '23, went back to Peticolas to try some beers that were missed. Also an in-house taco chef - fantastic.

Brewery           Brand                     Type                    %   Score  Beer No
Peticolas         Don’t be Scared           Ale, Barleywine, American 13  9.0    14984
Peticolas         Eclectus Woodruff         Ale, Berliner Weisse     3.9  8.2    14985

Then to brewery 719 - Outfit.

Brewery           Brand                     Type                    %   Score  Beer No
Outfit            Ivan                      Ale, Stout, Imperial     11   8.2    14986
Outfit            Milky McStoutface         Ale, Stout, Milk         4.5  9.0    14987
Outfit            Hoppy Longstocking        Ale, IPA, West Coast      7   8.1    14988

Then to brewery 720 - Westlake for some beer and pizza.

Brewery           Brand                     Type                    %   Score  Beer No
Westlake          This Many               Ale, Belgian Tripel style  7.9  7.8    14989
Westlake          Texas Trail Run           Ale, Mild                4.5  7.4    14990

April 26 '23 started out nicely, then became “monsoon day.” 

At least two of the breweries I visited previously said you have to go to False Idol, brewery 721. Glad I did.

Brewery           Brand                     Type                    %   Score  Beer No
False Idol        Driving 88           Ale, IPA, Tripel, New England 10.5 9.2    14991
False Idol        Midgard                   Ale, Porter, Baltic           7.8    14992
False Idol        Warhol            Ale, Stout, Imperial, Pastry     11.3 9.8    14993
False    Picasso pistachio cheesecake   Ale, Stout, Imperial, Pastry  11  8.0    14994
False Idol        Shabooya Roll Call        Ale, Saison, fruit       6.5  7.8    14995

Then another Über ride to On Rotation, brewery 722. 

Interesting Braggot which is a hybrid mead style you do not see often. They also had other beers on tap so tried a very good fruited sour from Prairie Artisan. 

Brewery           Brand                     Type                    %   Score  Beer No
On Rotation       Slice nitro               Ale, Stout, Pastry       7.2  8.4    14996
On Rotation       Cafe au lait              Ale, Stout, Milk         7    8.2    14997
On Rotation  Jörmungandr the World Serpent  Belgian Braggot         11.4  9.0    14998
Prairie Artisan (at O.R.)  Island squeeze   Ale, Sour, Fruit              8.0    14999

A ride on good ol’ Über to Community Beer Company - 723 - who had a really nice Russian Imperial Stout, as well as a great burger. 

Community Beer Company was also the place for beer number 15,000. Yes 15,000 different beers since April 4, 1997!

Brewery           Brand                     Type                    %   Score  Beer No
Community Beer co  Legion barrel aged   Ale, Stout, Russian Imperial 9.9  8.0    15000
Community Beer  Perfect ten anniversary IPA   Ale, IPA, American     7.5  7.8    15001

Texas Ale Project was brewery 724. 

Brewery           Brand                     Type                    %   Score  Beer No
Texas Ale Project  Something’ Shady         Ale, Porter             5.5   7.9    15002
Texas Ale Pr 100 million angels singing Ale, IPA, Imperial, Fruit   9.2  10.1    15003

Thence to a nearby growler store that also  had some of their own beers; Craft and Growler, brewery number 725.

Brewery           Brand                     Type                    %   Score  Beer No
Craft and Growler Quadrophenia Ale, Belgian Quadrupel Style         10.3  7.8    15004

Then to one of the OG Texas breweries - number 726 - Deep Ellum. And as Clint Eastwood said in Magnum Force: “A good man always knows his limitations.”  So only one beer here. 

Brewery           Brand                     Type                    %   Score  Beer No
Deep Ellum  Cherry chocolate, double brn stout  Ale, Stout, Pastry 10    8.2    15005