Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Land of the Cheese Heads

Starting the evening of June 18, 2013, it was a nice walk from the hotel to the Courthouse Brewpub in Manitowoc, WI. 

Tried the following beers:
Adams Street Ale
Mexican Light
Belgium Farmhouse Ale
Double Bock
Tokyo Night
Hinterland Luna Stout

Then upon some recommendations from a few local folks, over to Capone's Pub & Grill 

 and had these:
3 Sheeps - Baaad Boy Black Wheat
Bells Brewing - Hopslam 
(brewed with honey)
Green Bay Brewing - Hinterland Saison
Ale Asylum - Hopalicous

At the Harborside Restaurant, where along with a really good steak dinner, tried a nice Hefeweizen:
Lakefront - Wisconsonite

The next day started out great, with a lunch at John's bar in the town of Beaver Dam WI. 

 Really nice hamburger, and tried a
Pitosi - Cave Ale

which has quite a tap handle!

That evening in downtown Madison, first it was a short walk to Great Dane brewing. 

As the sidewalk was torn up it was a bit of a chore to get inside, but not bad. Was able to try several of their beers, and noted some new ones from the last time we were here. Sampled the:
Devil's Lake Red Lager
German Altbier
Belgian IPA
Barker's Ale
ESB (Cask)

Dark Mild
Texas Speedbump IPA
Stone of Scone Scotch Ale
Emerald Isle Stout
Tri Pepper Pils

Then it was down to Capital Brewery where with dinner 

 there was:
Island Wheat
Supper Club
Blonde Doppelbock
Capital Dark (Munich)
Lake House Lager
Common Thread
(this is a 10 brewery collaboration - Capital, Vintage, Great Dane, Grumpy Troll, Lake Louie, House of Brews, Karben4, One Barrel, Potosi, Wisconsin)
Mutiny IPA
Imperial IPA

At the City Bar & Restaurant was able to sample the following beers:
Vintage Brewing - Scaredy Cat
Pearl Street Brewery - DTB Downtown Brown Brown Ale
O'So - Nitro Rusty
Ale Asylum - Hopalicous

The Hopalicous on tap was noticeably better than the same beer in a bottle, which was tried the day before!

Then one more day, and up to Green Bay, and went to the Hinterland / Green Bay Brewing company. 

 Was able to try flights of their:
Pale Ale
Pub Draught
IPA on Nitrogen
White Cap IPA
Amber Ale
Luna Stout
(brewed with Luna coffee)
Baltic Porter
Bourbon Barrel Doppelbock

The Bourbon Barrel Doppelbock - available only caged bottles - was a standout.

Then over to Titletown brewing (Green Bay, football, Super Bowl, got it?) where with a delicious dinner 

 also had:
Canadeo Gold
(Named for Packers Tony Canadeo)
400 Honey Ale
Railyard Alt
Johnny "Blood" Red
Green 19 IPA
Dark Helmet Schwartzbier
(a Gose beer; a top-fermented beer style of Leipzig, Germany, brewed with at least 50% of the grain bill being malted wheat)

Crystal Pale Ale
(100% Oregon crystal hops)
Designated Driver Double IPA

Dousman St. Wheat
Quaking Tank Brown
Saint Norbert Pilsner

Ironically, I do not think any cheese was consumed this week.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Short NJ Trip

Had to go to NJ for a brief meeting. Stopped in again at the Edison Ale House which is near the AMTRAK station. The place had good food and a good beer selection as well. Had these beers:

Victory Brewing         Golden Monkey
Sixpoint          Bengali Tiger
Sixpoint          Sweet Action 
(SRM colour listed on can!)

How sweet is that?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Drinking with a 1-year old

No, not advocating anything unusual, illegal, or amoral. Just a birthday of a favorite CT bar of some of our members. 

Actually also took place over two days, so this was not a binge situation (althou they do sell fairly-priced flights). And as it was a "tap takeover" weekend, they graciously hosted Blue Point as their main beer.

Tried the
RastafaRye Ale
Old Howling Bastard barley wine style ale
No Apologies Dry Hopped With Citra and Simcoe Imperial IPA (cask!!)

Blueberry Ale
Toxic Sludge India Pale Ale Black IPA
Toasted Lager
Summer Ale

The Toasted was a perfect accompaniment to the crab-stuffed sole.

Again - a heartfelt Happy Birthday - wonder what the 5th will be like? Or the 10th??