Monday, September 30, 2013

American Abbey

Abbey or Trappist beers are typically monastery-brewed, often with odd strains of yeast and potentially unusual ingredients. These act to impart flavours, colours, and aromas that are unmatched and unequalled. Usually.

So when a sort of unassuming place says "Abbey Brewing" you have to say to yourself,  that's a high standard to live up to. I mean, "Fred's Brewing" is a perfectly acceptable name, and said name will not make you have any high hopes or expectations. But Abbey?

Initially greeted by Carlos and Jerson, and advised to order food from any of the places nearby. Called up for the chicken saltado from Suviche's, which was delicious. Service was  warm and friendly, and some welcoming people came in, including this cute service pup.

This is a bar that can appreciate someone who can appreciate good beer. Now about the beer.

So Abbey Brewing - let's just say - some Belgian brewers may be worried. Note some comments posted live to Untappd are in italics.  From the brewpub, tried:
Abbey Immaculate IPA - Ale, IPA, American - 8.5  [4,428]
Good fresh not the hopslam style of IPA
Brother Dan's Double - Ale, Belgian Dubbel - 10
Brother Aaron's Quadruple - Ale, Belgian Quadrupel - 9.5
The name "Abbey" implies a lot - these folks have nailed it as far as their "Belgian styles"
Father Theodore's Imperial Stout - Ale, Stout, Imperial - 10
Essentially perfect for the style - color/ aroma/ taste/ finish/ mouthfeel/ head

Also tried some guest beers:
Stift Engelszell - Gregoriois Trappistenbier - Ale, Belgian Trappist Quadrupel 
a new Trappist brewery in Austria

Wynwood - Wynwood IPA - Ale, IPA, American
This compares to "IPA" as a candle compares to the sun. Perfect 49 F temp (as indicated by the irBlue app/camera); 100 pounds hops for 15 barrels, can almost feel the hops particulates...
Wynwood - Pop's Porter - Ale, Porter, American
Brouwerij De Troch - Chapeau Fraises Lambic Beer - Ale, Belgian Kriek Lambic
Not shabby at all - crisp, sharp faint sweetness, with a hint of strawberries, aged in oak casks, sealed with cap and cork!

Spoke to Ray the brewmaster, and let him know how impressive his offering were. Most brewers are humble when given no faint praise, but you could tell he was a man proud of his work. He has even helped Wynwood, which is also very characteristic of the brewing world.

Ad Astra.

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