Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yards o' Beer

Yards o' Beer

At a company meeting, our meeting organizer graciously sent us to the Yard House. This is a very decent "beer chain" that has a wide selection. Well yes and no.

When one has tried a lot of beers, it is always a good idea to see a beer list beforehand, so you can winnow out the "have tried". However, in this case it was an exercise in frustration. Several co-workers were chuckling as I asked for
Claw hammer - Oktoberfest
Teds - Cream ale
French Broad - Gateway Kölsch
Catawba Valley - Firewater IPA
to no avail. Then the waitress said "where did you get this list?" and the reply was
"on your web page";
"oh, that is not always up-to-date";
"okay, how about the first beer on the TV screen over the bar, you must have that one, right?"
"Oh no we are out of that"
[channeling John Cleese from the "cheese shop" sketch] "well, you do sell beer here, right?
"Yes, we have over 100 beers on tap and bottle"
"Okay, let's try again. How about the second random (as opposed to carefully chosen) beer on the TV screen over the bar"
"Let me check, I think we have it"

As it turned out they did.

Clown Shoes - Brown Angel
van Eecke - Poperings Hommel bier
(Beer #4,300, have never had from the tap; only bottles)
Green Flash - Hop Odyssey Symposium
Southern Tier - Oak Aged Iniquity
Yard House - House Brand Belgian Tripel
Bavik - Petrus Aged Red

The food was spectacular, and everyone had a great time.

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