Sunday, September 29, 2013

Not a Democrat and Still Loved It

The Democratic Republic of Beer (DRB) is at a new location (did not know that) they have some expansion plans (did not know that), they have an impressive Android app (did not know that), and a very good kitchen (did not know that); and good lord they serve flights
(did not know that).
Got there near opening time (and some places in Miami close 5 AM, some never close) and had a great time. One of the barmaids was carving pumpkins to serve pumpkin beers from  - plastic linings of course. Had a nice conversation with Georgio and later Marin, who spoke of the DRB's history and move. Learned a lot about some local microbrews that are starting.

The food chosen was only an appetizer - hummus and pita - but very fresh tasting. Note pita and hummus is a perfect "palete cleanser" as there is not a lot of flavour imparted to your tongue.

Tasted the following brews:
Castle Brewery Van Honsebrouck - St. Louis Framboise - Ale, Belgian Lambic [4,417]
Department of Brewing / DRB Democratic Republic of Beer - Arctic Amber - Ale, Amber
House beer or huis bier - Department of Brewing is the official name
Holy Mackerel - Special Golden Ale - Ale, Belgian Strong
Due South - Cocoa Stout - Ale, Stout, Dry (Irish)
Harpoon - UFO Pumpkin  - Ale, Spiced, Pumpkin
Orange Blossom Pils - Orange Blossom Pils - Lager, Pilsner, Dutch
Cigar City - Batch 69 Double Cream Ale - Ale, Cream
Amazing - one of the best cream ales ever tried
Cigar City - Common Porter - Ale, Porter, American
New Belgium - Accumulation Winter White IPA - Ale, IPA, American

Brasserie BFM/Terrapin - Spike & Jerome's Collaboration Ale Cuvée Délirante - Ale, Barleywine
Not an American Barleywine - a bit thinner with some tartness - perfect 13 C temp
Dogfish - Bierra Etrusca Bronze - Gruit  [4,427]

Even got to impart a little knowledge regarding beer history and the use of gruit (or gruut) as a preservative/bittering agent.

Really nice.

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