Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Columbia SC - MR

After the long drive to Columbia SC, a few beers were necessary, as well as some food.

Went to the Hunter Gatherer Brewery, which had some good beers, no real standouts but quite accurate representations of the styles.

Pale Ale - Ale, Pale - 6.5
Wheat - Ale, Wheat, American - 7
ESB - Ale, Bitter, ESB - 7.5
Plain x Stout - Ale, Stout, Sweet - 6.5

The ESB-braised pork porterhouse was excellent.

Stopped by the Flying Saucer, a beer chain that has a very complete offering of beers and beer styles. Where else might you find a gose at this late hour?

Westbrook - Gose - gose

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