Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Redemption via Max

Now based on a previous visit to the Filling Station, one had to try the "tots" that are more fried than baked, apparently. Okay - so the tots were amazing

Max, the manager, was extremely friendly and very knowledgeable about beer.

Max explained that "flights" are not always done and that that should not be an impediment to proper beer sampling, although there was a tacit admission that "flights" would not be a bad idea.

But how about the beer? Sampled a:

La Gunitas - Maximus - Ale, IPA, Imperial  [4,436]
Bells - Klamazoo Stout - Ale, Stout, Dry (Irish)
New Belgium - Shift Pale Lager - Lager, Light

Avery - Samael's Oak Aged Ale - Ale, Barelywine (15 C)
Thank you Max for suggesting, this was amazing!
Not worthy, Lord, to gather up the crumbs
With trembling hand that from Thy table fall
Also sampled with some other folks from a conference I was attending:
Avery - Twenty - Ale, IPA, Imperial

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