Sunday, July 17, 2016

Vacation 2016 - Day 4

Vacation 2016 - Day 4 - 7/17/2016

The day began with a fantastic breakfast, from eggs to salmon to fruit to sausage.

Reneee - our ebullient Program Director - had joked you will gain a minimum of 5 (pound? kilos?) on this trip, but with the walking it may be a wash.

We started out with a trip to the Black Forest region. 

There was a cuckoo-clock making demonstration, glassblower, local beer:
Fürstenberg      |   Pil   |   Lager, Pilsner, German Pils   |   4.8%   |   [6.8]
Fürstenberg      |   Hefeweizen   |   Ale, Wheat, Hefeweizen   |   4.8%   |   [8.0]
{*score on an open ended scale of 1-10, resolution 0.1}

Then back to the ship for lunch, we opted for the informal buffet, and even had an EU version of the classic "chilly dog." Had a
Benediktiner   |   Weissbier   |   Ale, Wheat, Alpine Weise   |   5.4%   |   [8.0]

Also chatted with a family from Minnesota, Grisham and Grace, with their son Joel, who is also a beer fan.

Colmar France was amazing. Besides being the one-time residence of Bartholdi (yes that Bartholdi) it's a beautiful collection of shops and buildings, some very old. 

First found that the Schwendi restaurant brews their own:
Schwendi   |   Schwendi-Bier   |   Ale, Blonde   |   5.0%(?)   |   [7.5]

At Brasserie Tanneurs, had a very low ABV:
Juplier / Piedbouf   |   Blanche   |   Lager, Pale   |   1.1   |   [7.0]
A gent at Tanneurs directed me towards some other bars that might have some better / local beer. Unfortunately did not find any other Colmar-brewed beers, but at James'on Pub (yes, that's correct) tried a lovely
Fischer D'Alsace   |   Amber / Ambree   |   Ale, Amber   |   5.0%?   |   [7.0]

At Les Incorruptibles, they served two of the same beer, I assume it was happy hour based on the price?
Chouffe   |   Ardens Blonde   |   Ale, Belgian Blonde   |   8.0%   |   [7.5]

Back at the ship, finished off dinner with
Fürstenberg      |   Weizen Hefe Dunkel   |   Ale, Wheat, Dunkelweizen   |   5.4%   |   [8.0]

chatting with Stan and Carol from Long Beach, CA, and Rita and daughter Daniella from San Francisco.

Interesting footnote - the wheelhouse on the ship retracts to all but ensure that at high-water times, the ship will make it through low bridges.

Tomorrow will be docked in Kehl Germany with a tour of Strasbourg France and some Alsatian wine tasting!

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