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Vacation 2016 - Day 10

Vacation 2016 - Day 10 - 7/23/2016

Posted after getting back home. Last day on ship. We miss her still.

Had a great morning with a canal boat ride throughout most of Amsterdam. Got to see a lot of the city, and learned that much is built on pilings, and some building lean more than other.

Like this church is not shot with a tilted camera, the camera was as close to level as possible.

We saw where the Ann Frank museum is, however it is sold out in way advance.

Also stood on a pinkish granite triangle - the Homomonument.

After the canal tour, we walked around a bit. Got to try some herring during a walkaround. 

Saw a couple of these tiny urban cars, perfect for a city that is very bicycle-friendly.

Went back to the ship for lunch. Then ventured out by myself, starting at the fabulous Beer Temple - Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 250, 1012 RR. 

Although famous for American beer (listing some breweries I've never heard of, much less tried), preferred to settle for mostly local Dutch brews:
Morebeer Temple   |   Temple Bier   |   Ale, Pale, American   |   6%   |   [7.8]

More Beer & Kees   |   Bald Eagle   |   Ale, IPA, Double   |   8.2%   |   [8.0]

Boon   |   Lambic Oude Lambiek   |   Ale, Belgian Lambic   |   6.5%   |   [8.5]

Rodenbach    |   Foederbier   |   Ale, Belgian Flanders Red   |   6%   |   [10.0]

Black Market   |   Rye IPA   |   Ale, IPA, Rye   |   7.5%   |   [8.0] (free taste)

De Strijdende Kater   |   Ramses   |   Ale, Strong   |   10%   |   [8.2]

MoreBeer & 't utile   |   Big Fat Double Five   |   Ale, IPA, Double   |   8%   |   [9.0]

MoreBeer & Noordt   |   Noordt Waarts   |   Ale, Saison   |   5.5%   |   [8.8]

Mikkie Cattivella   |   Creme Brûlée Stout   |   Ale, Stout, Milk, Sweet   |   9.5%   |   [8.0]

Hoorm Palm   |   Cornet   |   Ale, Belgian Strong   |   8.5%   |   [8.0]

Rocket Brewing   |   Deja Vu   |   Ale, Sour, Dark   |   7.2%   |   [8.0]

The last one I shared with Marcus from GA USA, Untappd said he was nearby - and he was!
Anchor Brewing   |   Old Foghorn   |   Ale, Barleywine   |   8.8%   |   [8.8]

Also chatted with a person who sometimes works there; and has an American boyfriend who works at a Belgian brewery. They were on a US beer tour earlier, and she said that Sip of Sunshine was one of her favorite American beers, and I said I'll bring one over, probably the next day. Bartender Oscar said to try another beer bar - Arendsnest; I reassured him it was "on the list."

Headed back to the ship for dinner. And an interesting thing happened. So here's the best story - so far - of the vacation. 

I took a pedal-cab back from downtown Amsterdam to the boat, as it was a bit late and I was tired. However, unknown to me, the driver ran 3 red bicycle traffic lights (which they have in Amsterdam) and was pulled over by a cop. 

She was originally going to fine him a very large amount for the infractions (note photos are cropped for privacy). I looked at him and winked, and said how it was my fault, as I had asked to get to the ship in a hurry (which I hadn't). The officer admonished me that I should not have done that, and asked if I was a tourist. She then reduced his ticket. A lot.

As we drove away, my driver - who was a strapping young Italian lad - thanked me profusely. Then, when he was stopped at a light, this mid-30s DILF ("D" for "Dutch woman") asked him if he wanted to - after dropping me off - come to her place as it was nearby, and maybe have a swim to cool off! 

He said "yes" and pulled down the street near the ship. After paying him, I also gave him €50 towards the fine. He said he cannot take it; I replied that I am not rich, but that I know how hard he will have to work to pay the fine, and consider it a lesson learned.

He thanked me profusely and after giving me a big hug, he said something to the effect that he didn't know if he should go to church and give thanks, or go see the lady (who I could see was still waiting at the intersection).

I said he could go to church anytime, but the lady he should see now.

He accepted my sage, Solomon-like wisdom, and sped off to his rendezvous.

I was still laughing an hour later at dinner onboard the ship. 

Several of the ladies at out table - after I related the story - said things like, "I bet she could teach him a thing or two!"

After the last shipboard dinner that night, met up with one of the passengers at Delerium Cafe Amsterdam
Breugem   |   Saense Kracht   |   Ale, Belgian Quadrupel Style   |   11%   |   [8.0]

(beer 3,400 on Untappd)

Eecke, van   |   Kapittel Doubel   |   Ale, Belgian Dubbel   |   7.5%   |   [8.9]

Back to the ship for one last night.

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