Monday, October 15, 2012

London Cask Ale Week 2012

As part of a business meeting trip in London, as luck would have it this was during Cask Ale Week 2012 (specifically 2012 /10/1-2).

For those who do not know what a cask ale is, it's an unpressurized ale that is hand pumped and delivered to the glass from the bottom up. It is also called a "hand-pulled ale".

After arriving early, early Monday (as opposed to Sunday night - thanks Delta) I met up with some folks and headed out. First stop - a proper traditional "English breakfast".

We then set out to see the Tower Bridge, as well as the waterfront near the Thames. 

We ended up at the Barrow Boy and Banker, and tried a

Red Fox - Fullers  [#3,198]
 Organic Honey Dew - Fuller  [#3,199]

Later we hit the Founders Arms restaurant, and sampled a:
Yellow Hammer - O'Hanlon's [#3,200]
London Pale Ale - Meantime  [#3,201]
London Gold - Young's  [#3,202]
Raspberry Wheat - Meantime  [#3,203]

The best part was that we were staying near the Leadenhall Market, considered to be London's most beautiful Victorian Market. 

 Built in 1881, it is also the location where some of the exterior Diagon Alley scenes were filmed from the Harry Potter films.

Even better was a cocktail hour at Old Tom's Bar 

and then dinner at the Lamb Tavern. 

Old Tom's had a great beer selection, and between the two venues the following were tried:
Original - Liftovel [#3,204]
Nightwatchman - ELB East London Brewery [#3,205]
London Lager - Meantime  [#3,206]
London Porter - Meantime  [#3,207]

Chocolate Porter - Meantime  [#3,208]
Ram Rod - Young's  [#3,209]
Bitter - Young's  [#3,210]
London Pride - Young's  [#3,211]

Dinner was apparently well-received, as there was a plethora of choices of typical British fares, with some Indian food as well.

Good times by all.

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