Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lazy Liverpool Afternoon

2013-03-10 MR

Basically, after a nice breakfast of salmon and eggs,

the goal today was to walk around Liverpool in the afternoon, and try to visit some of the classic CAMRA-rated pubs. 

None of the touristy stuff mind you, but some real, honest pubs serving real honest cask ales.

First, and we mean first, the oldest Liverpool pub in continuous existence - the Ye Hole in Ye Wall. You walk in and there's a roaring fire next to the bar, with a group of people chatting it up. 

They had a nice selection on hand, even their own "house ale". Sampled a:
Thwaites - Nutty Black (mild)
Liverpool Craft Beer - Ye Hole in Ye Wall Golden Ale (house ale)
Big Lamp - Big Lamp Bitter
Navigation - Pale Ale
Had a nice conversation with a local gent who gave me the history of Liverpool, including the former elevated railway near the docks.

After leaving Ye Hole in Ye Wall, was passing by ThomasRigby's, and saw they had Okells on. 

Being a fan of anything Isle of Mann-ish, decided to give it a go. Was able to savour:
Okells - Jiarg (red ale)
Okells - Olaf (brown)
Okells - Dr. Okells' IPA 
(note - to follow Strunk's Elements Style a possessive proper name 
should be 's even if it ends with "s", such as "Okells's")
Newmans - Winter Hog Ale
Manns - Brown Ale (note #2 to the bartender, this is NOT from the Isle of Mann!)

Nils Oscar - God Lager (not too pretentious a name!)

It was then to the Victoria Cross for a
Burscough - Mug Billy (bitter)

As it was near supper, had time to stop in at Stanley's Cask, a nice local pub. 

 Had a:
 Hop Back - Spring Zing (pale ale)
Clark - Clarke's Classic Blonde
Duchars - IPA
Caledonian Brewing - Flying Scotsman (amber)

Supper was fantastic!

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