Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hemel and Basingstoke

2013-03-12  MR, IC

As we were in Hemel Hempstead, stopped by the Red Squirrel brewery to see what was up. 

The place had a nice, new reception/tasting area.

They are not bottling yet, and sell only kegs and "micro kegs" Picked up a Black Jack IPA, and tried their:
Black Squirrel (black lager; a new one for Untappd!)

Also found the Sherfield Village Brewery, but the brewer was out. Maybe tomorrow.

Made it to the White Hart for the evening. Now this place has a fantastic menu, as well as always good beers on.

While enjoying some pork scratchings, had a
Langham - Hip Hop (golden)
Stonehenge - Spire (golden)
Teignworthy - Neap Tide (bitter)
Glastonbury - Love Monkey (English pale)

Enjoyed a small appetizer plate, and as a joke posted to friends that it was "rabbit, wild boar, and badger."

With some fantastic meat pies, savoured a
Moore - Hoppiness (Barleywine IPA)
van Steenberge - St. Stefanus Blonde (Belgian Abbey blonde)

As it was so good, decided the best dessert (if you're a beer drinker) was another Moore Hoppiness with some pork scratchings!

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