Friday, March 15, 2013

Last Day Liverpool

Last Day in Liverpool  MR IC

Now as it was the last day in Liverpool, plans were afoot to do something special. The idea came up of "let's have tried 100 beers in one week;" which seemed pretty easy. MR's count had started at beer #3,595 (Liverpool Organic - Johnny Handsome), and the current count was 3,668 (Newcastle - Winter IPA, Hoppy in the Dark). As 3,668 to 3,695 is only 27 beers, hat seemed easy; however, why not hit a second milestone of 3,700; that's only 32 beers in about 10 hours.

We had a plan (old-school analog, BTW), decent weather, all-day bus passes, iPhones with maps, FitBit activity trackers, 

and lots of Pounds Sterling. And if you think about it, as a lot was 1/2 pints, it's not that much beer. Not really. Well it is.

On the way over, we saw some good beer omens.

Started out with a proper brunch - with beer - at the Welkin. Their eggs Benedict are a great way to start the day, and at the time seemed appropriate, what with Benedict Arnold a part of both American and English history (altho not the namesake of the eggs, as it turned out). 

The place was quite packed, and glad to see we were not the only ones enjoying a pint at an early hour. Tried a:
Hook Norton - Old Hooky (bitter)  [#3,669]
Oxfordshire - Hibernation Ale
WharfBank - Try This
Yeovil - Glory (golden)

Next up was the White Star, a classic Liverpool pub, all decked out for St. Patrick's day. Sampled the:
Arkwright - Trouble a t' Mill (English pale ale)
Bowland - Sawley Tempted
Bowland - White Star Pale Ale (house ale?)
Bowland - Pendle Gold (golden ale, also the 1st Untappd listing for this one)

Next was the Railway Inn, where there was quite a mix of people at lunch, as well as some gentry enjoying a pint. 

As most of their selection of beers had already been tried, only sampled a:
Inveralmond - Tite Head (golden)

Very close by was the Lion Tavern. Sat at the bar and looked longingly at several new ales. Started with:
Robinson's - Dizzy Blonde (lovely golden ale with Amarillo hops)

George Wright - (IPA)
Coach House Brewing - Farriers Best Bitter (ESB)
Burscough - Mere Blonde
Peerless (formerly Betwixt) - Peerless Ale (pale)

Went down towards the dock area, as there are good bars there, as well as cigar shops. 

Took a short stop in at the Bierkellar, hoping to try some good German lagers as a bit of variety. Now this was a bit of a disappointment, as there was not any different, unusual or outstanding beers. The bar is more on an "Oktoberfest every night" sort of place, with long tables, huge beer steins, and all sorts of German blood-and-gore sausages for dinner. Tried the
Schlösser - Alt (ingredients include "hops extract" - yum!)
Dab - Dortmunder

Took a quick stroll to Bridewell Prison, not to visit anyone, buy the old prison is now a pub - Liverpool One. The decor is authentic, fortunately the beers are as well.

Lancaster Brewing - Blonde
Liverpool One - Liverpool Light (pale ale, from a brewery with the same name as the pub)
J W Lees - Marco Pierre White the Governor (bitter)

Took a brisk walk up to Mello Mello, which is sort of a co-op restaurant. As surprise would have it, they were pouring - from America:

Flying Dog - Single Hop Imperial IPA (10%, with Galaxy hops)
Revolutions - Remain in Light (oatmeal stout)

With the beers enjoyed some hummus as a snack. Again from America had both a:
Anchor - Breckles Brown (brown ale)
Flying Dog - Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale

Also had the portabella mushroom sandwich for lunch, which was extremely good. Continued with:
Cains - Fine Raisin Beer (fruit ale, surprisingly good)
New Alloa Brewing / Williams - Grozet (spiced ale, from Scotland)

On the way to the Grape, passed some interesting Banksy-inspired graffiti. 

Also stopped at Forbidden Planet, an amazing sci-fi/comic book emporium.

At the Grapes - which was mobbed - had the
Tiny Rebel - Full Nelson (pale ale)
Tiny Rebel - Urban IPA
Liverpool Organic - American Pale Ale
Liverpool Organic - Liverpool Stout
Tatton - Tatton Ale (nice fresh bitter)

Then to the Belvedere, where we were on the cusp of beer #3,700. 

Started with a snack of a meat pie, as well as:
Adnams - Kristal White Ale
Brimstage - Oyster Catcher (oyster stout) [#3,700]

Then it was out and about to Bar 32, here we quaffed:
Flying Dog - Pearl Necklace (also an oyster stout)
Blue Monkey Brewery - Marmoset (pale ale)

Finishing up the night was at Roscoe Head. Was drawn like a moth to a flame for the
Schnieder - Eisbock (12%)
Newcastle - Summer Ale

Beer Geek Brewery - Geek Unique (bitter)
Great Heck Brewery - Citra (IPA) [#3,706]

So 38 new beers in one day, over 100 new beers in a week, milestones of 3,600 and 3,700 also reached in one week; a great end to a good week of travel.

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