Saturday, June 30, 2018

Black Madonnas and Brewtels

Black Madonnas and Brewtels

First thing in the morning – train to Częstochowa from Warsaw. It was a comfortable ride, certainly no Shinkansen, not Amtrak speed either.

Arrived at the Browar CzenstochoviA Hotel, a brewery/hotel/spa/restaurant. The room was amazing, sort of a neo-steampunk décor with a hint of H.R. Geiger. After settling in it was a short walk towards the city center and the Jasna Góra Monastery.

Stopped art Cleopatra restaurant, which was sort of a fusion of all Mediterranean styles. 

The herring was delicious. Also had the

Okocim   |   Mistrzowski Porter   |   Ale, Porter, Baltic   |   8.9   |   7.8
Sezonowe   |   Miody Ałtaju   |   Ale, Honey   |   4.7   |   8.0

From here it was a short walk to the aforementioned Jasna Góra Monastery, home of the Black Madonna of Częstochowa. You can read about it on Wikipedia, but the painting is a relic that saved the area from Swedish marauders. 

We did not get to see the painting directly (the image above is a mural), as there are set unveiling hours. The area is an amazing mix of different architectural styles, as the area was built up over the centuries.

Later that evening, it was time for dinner at the Browar CzenstochoviA; food was good, beer was even better.
CzenstochoviA   |   CzenstochoviA Jasne   |   Lager, Pilsner   |   5.1   |   8.5
CzenstochoviA   |   CzenstochoviA Miodowe   |   Lager, Honey   |   5.1   |   7.6
CzenstochoviA   |   CzenstochoviA Specjalne   |   Lager, Pale, Fruit   |   5   |   7.5

Was also joined by a relative who has a flight from Munich delayed due to a power outage(!), but was able make it here from Krakow via taxi in record time!

After dinner it was an another short walk to the Ministerstwo Śledź I Wodki (Ministry of Herring and Vodka), to have – oddly enough a beer or two.

Zamkowy Cieszin   |   Ciemna Strona Cieszyn   |   Lager, German Dark, Munchen   |   5.5   |   5.5
Fuhrmann Połczyn-Zdrój Browar   |   Polczyńskie Zdrojowe   |   Lager, Strong (Euro)   |   6   |   6.0

What was slightly disappointing is that – once Google Translate helped us – the bar did not sell any merchandise!


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