Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vault Brewing

2012-12-11 - MR

First some updates
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Now, Vault Brewing in Yardley PA has a riddle for a name. Why is it called Vault Brewing?
Well, the most basic, simple reason is the answer - they have a bank vault!

This is also the "newest" brewer that any member from Club-Belgique has ever visited. Apparently opened in early October 2012, they weathered hurricane Sandy as they had a generator and a wood-fired pizza oven.

Started by a cadre of brothers the place had some nice touches (hammered copper signs on the tanks) and really eclectic food. I mean, prosciutto, fig and goat cheese pizza? But wow, the flavours come together so well, really nice.

What was also really nice was the beers. As they are a new brewery, they are apparently playing it safe with some tried-and-true styles. Although apparently they make a sweet potato beer that is very good. Thanks to everyone who came up to the bar to ask if it was available, to be told in a week or so (not when I'll be there).

Also the first time that a Club-Belgique member met someone from Untappd. Looked at who was trying the Vault's beers, and asked some folks nearby who had Untapped on their iPhones "any of you guys named 'Bob'"?

Beers sampled were:
Belgian Blonde - good basic representation [#3,414]
Bavaran Hefeweizen
IPA - a classic "no toxic hop levels" IPA, the way an IPA should be
Coffee Stout (nitro) - rich chewy, coffee notes
Coffee Stout, hand-pulled (or "cask") - subtle differences
American Stout [#3,419]

They also have a stainless steel growler, which is unusual. They also swap "dirty for clean" so they can properly wash the growlers out; talk about service.

Now one thing to be aware of, so you do not have the crap shocked out of you. There is a giant sculpture of a horse's head in the men's room. Dressed, season appropriate, in a Santa hat. Not all that conducive to micturation.

Good start Vault brewery, next year about this time lets have a Tripel, a Winter Warmer, and maybe, just maybe, caged 750 ml bottles of a Barleywine.

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