Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CA Brewpubs July 16, 2012

Once the day was over - before my 10:30 PM "redeye" flight, we were able to hit

  • The Beer Company - San Diego CA - a new brewpub in the heart of the Gaslight District with some very good beers and an impressive looking copper tap. [avg of 9 beers sampled = 8.3 on 1-10 scale]

  • Monkey Paw Pub & Brewery - San Diego CA - also a new brewpub in the fringe area of the Gaslight District with very good beers. Had some nice guest ales such as a Flanders Red Monk's in Philly. Shared a Big Sky Brewing with some of the local guys. Good appetizers, altho the monkey sauce is hot. [avg of 6 beers sampled = 7.3 on 1-10 scale] Note the Pineapple X-press dragged the overall scores down a bit.

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