Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CA Breweries July 15, 2013

After finding some of the XB-70 wreckage with George S, headed to San Diego via San Marcos

  • Lost Abbey / Port Brewing - San Marcos, CA. These two breweries share a common address, and brew distinctive styles. Had beer #3,100 with George, a Serpent's Stout. [avg score of three Lost Abbey beers = 9.2; four Port Brewing beers = 8.9 on 1-10 scale]

  • Green Flash - San Diego CA - Go there just as they were closing so only had a few [avg score of 5 beers = 7.7 on 1-10 scale]

Now here's some general questions

  1. Why cannot tasting rooms serve food, in CA anyway?
  2. Why do some brewery tasting rooms close early on Sunday (missed Rough Draft)
  3. Why do some tasting rooms eschew Sunday openings? (missed Wet n Reckless, AleSmith) 
  4. Why didn't Karl Strauss indicate they were booked for a party on their website?

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