Friday, June 7, 2013

Drinking with a 1-year old

No, not advocating anything unusual, illegal, or amoral. Just a birthday of a favorite CT bar of some of our members. 

Actually also took place over two days, so this was not a binge situation (althou they do sell fairly-priced flights). And as it was a "tap takeover" weekend, they graciously hosted Blue Point as their main beer.

Tried the
RastafaRye Ale
Old Howling Bastard barley wine style ale
No Apologies Dry Hopped With Citra and Simcoe Imperial IPA (cask!!)

Blueberry Ale
Toxic Sludge India Pale Ale Black IPA
Toasted Lager
Summer Ale

The Toasted was a perfect accompaniment to the crab-stuffed sole.

Again - a heartfelt Happy Birthday - wonder what the 5th will be like? Or the 10th??

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