Saturday, June 7, 2014

Two Birthdays on D-Day

When it was time to fly home from a recent business trip, it was great because that very evening there was not one but two special events. And we - as appropriate - also remembered those who were part of D-Day.   MR

Stop number one was the 1st anniversary of Maury's Pub in Danielson CT. We all wish MJ well and think she's doing a great job. 

Also brought a special bottle of Belgian brown ale, that probably only has been brought to the US 10 times or less(!) to offer as a celebration. 

Several people tried the Eeuwige Liefde, and even those who said they didn't like "dark beer" really enjoyed it.  You really owe yourself a treat if in Northeastern Connecticut to stop in to Maury's. Old style bar, yet inside you'll find some friendly people, amazing beers, and live music on various nights.
Beer'd - Hobbit Juice - Ale, IPA, Imperial  9.2%   [9.5]

Dijk Waert - Eeuwige Liefde - Ale, Belgian Brown  8.2%  [10.0]
name means "eternal love" (husband-wife owners), picked up at brewery 2012

Then the 2nd anniversary of the Stomping Ground in Putnam was celebrated. This place has all you could want (I suppose unless a gambler or rock-climber): great beer, gourmet food, gorgeous live music; even trivia nights on Wednesday. 

To help celebrate, brought a bottle of a special beer to have and to share. Had the following beers, along with some gourmet-quality food - mmmmm scallops; 

also learned one co-owner is not named "Sherry" (so embarrassed!):
Victory Brewing - Hop Ticket Dry Hopped Pils - Lager, Pilsner, Bohemian  5.5%  [8.0]
Clipper City Heavy Seas - Black Cannon Black IPA - Ale, IPA, Imperial  7.3%  [8.5]  cask!
North Coast Brewing - Brother Thelonious - Ale, Belgian Strong  9.4%  [8.0]
Trinity - Red Swingline - Ale, IPA, sour  4.1%  [10.5]

Later in the evening there was even cake to celebrate! A great way to end two birthday celebrations.

Ad astra folks, ad astra

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