Thursday, December 5, 2013

NY NY 2013-12

What's really nice about working with the EPA is every now and then, one has to travel to New York City.

Granted it's only a quick trip down on the train, and you only get to spend one brief night there, but it's really nice; especially at Christmas-time.

First stop was at BXL, a Belgian beer bar. Did not eat there but they do have very good food. What's interesting is maybe having been there a few times, it's a little jaded. Same beers, same stuff, a lot of beers are Belgian "style" beer.
Still good of course, such as Ommegang, but there are literally dozens and dozens of Belgian brewers imported into New York that they do not carry. Maybe they will. Had a

Van Ecke - Poperings Hommel bier - Belgian blonde, a favorite

Chimay - 500 Tripel

In honor or their 500th anniversary

After that was a relatively short walk to the Stags Head. These folks are actually located near another be BXL bar but what they do is American craft brewers, with taps that rotate very, very rapidly.

I know I am being judgmental here, but it's nice to know that people are hired because they do know what they're doing. Two of the bartenders are very attractive women, which is my defense atypical for a craft beer bar. Rest assured, they definitely know their beers their style of beers, and what things taste like.

Elysian - Oddland 2 Spiced Pear Ale - Ale, Fruit, Spiced

Harpoon - Chocolate Stout

Very chocolatey - sort of like a dessert beer

Evil Twin - Hipster - Ale, Pale, American [4,650]

Dark Horse - Scotty Karate - Scotch Ale

Besides the really good beers, had for dinner one of their their signature hamburger as well as roasted brussels sprouts.

Again another relatively short walk back to the hotel. On the way was politely asked to cross the street by an assistant; because they were filming "Person of Interest"!


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